For urgent technical issues or to speak with a team member, please call (231) 577-2080, then select option 1 to access our Support Queue. 
This queue will ring on our extensions and our cell phones and is the best method to quickly locate someone.

For normal priority issues, please open a ticket by sending us an email at, this will ensure that your request gets to the right team member and is tracked in our system.

Please provide a subject that summarizes the issue and also include as much detail about the issue as you can provide in the body, including what you’ve tried or changed.

Example Help Desk emails:

Example 1 – click here to open this example in Outlook
Email Subject: Word locks up when opening any document
Email Body: When I open any word document, it shows the first page,
but I can't do anything. No matter what I click in word,
nothing happens.

Example 2 – click here to open this example in Outlook
Email Subject: Error message pop-up at login
Email Body: When I log in to my computer, I get a pop up 
error message that says;
Error in WSClient.dll
The pop up only has an OK button. Everything seems to be working
after I click OK.
This has been happening since Tuesday.