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Do you need an IT Consultant?

If you own a computer, you have most likely experienced some “tech pain” on occasion.  Yes, at times Tech is a Pain!  When forging ahead with a “self-help DIY’ approach, results can be a simple fix or catastrophic case of making the problem worse.  Either way you may be at a crossroads where a technology […]

Password Best Practices

Passwords have become an essential part of our daily lives. We use passwords for everything from social media accounts to online banking. With your banking and medical information available online, the need for secure passwords is more important than ever. Here are our top 5 password practices. Bonus Tips Following password best practices will help […]

The LastPass Data Breach

LastPass the popular password manager, has suffered yet another major breach.  This has put customers’ online passwords at risk and endangered their data.   In late December, LastPass CEO Karim Toubba acknowledged in a blog post that a security incident the company disclosed in August eventually led to an unauthorized party stealing customer account information and sensitive vault data. […]

Happy Holidays

The Cogent Technology Solutions Team wishes you a happy and healthy holiday season. Our offices will be closed on Friday, December 24th (Christmas Eve) and Friday, December 31st (New Year’s Eve..) Emergency services will be available through our team on call. Wishing you a prosperous New Year!   If you have not had an opportunity to complete […]

Cybersecurity First

Cybersecurity starts with you. Every time you use the Internet, you face choices related to your security. Is that really your friend on Facebook asking you to add them again? Is that oddly worded email really from the CEO asking you to confirm your social security number? Is the “Strong Coffee” wireless network really the […]

Fight the Fish!

Phishing attacks have been around for a while, but they were responsible for 22% of all data breaches in 2020. While email is used in over 80% of phishing attempts, they can also use text messaging and phone calls. The methods crooks use continue to evolve, email attachments one day, disguised web links the next. […]