Windows 11 desktop with Do You Need Windows 11 Now? overlaid.

Windows 11 was released on October 5th, and you have probably seen some ads for it.  We have been test driving a pre-release version of Windows 11 for a while now.

From what we’ve seen, this isn’t a major update. The changes in Windows 11 are mostly the new user interface. Other new features make working with multiple monitors and huge high resolution monitors a bit easier to manage.

For business uses, we are not recommended upgrading to Windows 11 right now. By default, we are blocking the upgrade to minimize disruption. Windows 10 will continue being supported through October 14th, 2025, and computers that are 5 years old can’t run Windows 11.

If you are buying a new computer for home and personal use, don’t be concerned if it comes with Windows 11, it is not much different under the hood from Windows 10 and shouldn’t have many compatibility issues.