We are in the peak of shipping scam season. Sent via email or text, the simple message that a delivery may not make it by Christmas is all that’s needed to get you invested enough to need to find out more, click links, provide credentials, etc.
Any legitimate shipping notification will provide some details you already known (e.g., the company shipping the item, your address, etc.)

If you receive an urgent shipping delay notice, don’t click on the links in the message. If you think it might be about a package you are expecting, contact the store, you are expecting the shipment from. If that’s not possible, try to track the package via the shipping companies’ website.

Do you know the red flags for Holiday Phishing emails?

We partner with a company called KnowBe4 to provide security training to help you and your staff be better able to recognize scam and phishing emails. Please contact us to learn more.